Featuring our second artist user - DJ Katy M from Marrakesh, Morocco.

Katy's unique bkdj URL from CEP AGENCY -  http://bkdj.me/CEP/DJKATYM 

Continuing the series of showcasing our artist users, we interviewed DJ Katy M - "The Queen of Turn Table" as her fans call her. The discussion revolved around her early life & career, new releases, current pandemic situation, and its impacts on upcoming shows & events. 

Thank you so much for joining us, Katy. It's a pleasure to have you with us. I'll start with a very simple question;

  1. Where are you from? For how long have you been DJing?
    I am from Morocco, and I actually live in Marrakesh. I have been a DJ for about fifteen years now. I began a real career of DJing in 2005, working as a resident DJ at a famous restaurant in Rabat. Then I played at all the major local clubs and events, also in common radio stations and festivals. After many years of local experience, I decided to fulfil my dream and become a known name internationally. So I played in different events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I have been to many famous radio stations in Chicago, Canada, Italy, Turkey, and other countries.

  2. How has lockdown been locally? What chances have you had for playing out or to an audience?The lockdown was really hard; all our activities have been stopped. That’s the reason why I started playing on a streaming platform, to stay updated and to keep in touch with my audience. I also signed a contract with an international agency based in Amsterdam, “Creative Events Promoter”, even though the borders were still closed, they started by making promotions on different digital platforms and programming Radio shows in Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. In the lockdown period, I had a chance to collaborate with « Pioneer Dj » as a speaker in the PDJ x International Women’s Month event. After that, my country began opening gradually, meanwhile, I had a chance to meet my audience again in private events and in the hotel’s performance as well.

  3. How do you think the scene in your country will change as we move to an open state?                      I think the Moroccan scene will be more active and organized; the public is looking forward to attending events while the organizers are just waiting for the government’s green light to resume their activities. I hope we can perform with more freedom soon.

  4. Your style focuses on Deep House and Funky House – what producers inspired you and why?        I grew up with the sounds of pop as the king Michael Jackson and Madonna, also the Disco style like Boney M, Abba, and others. After that when I discovered the Deep house, I was fascinated by its rhythm and the kicks, also the fusion between acoustic and electronic sounds. So when I started DJing, the deep house and soulful house was my favourite style. I love to incorporate strong vocals and remixes of the common title of disco and pop music that all people know with a dancing rhythm. For the deep house, many artists inspired me especially those of Defected and the ministry of sound labels like Dennis Ferrer, The Shapeshifters, Kaskade, Roger Sanchez, Tom Novy, and many other producers. I also had a crush on Moroccan producers such as Naaman, OB, Mr. ID, Younes B, Mr. Jabato, Amine K and so many other DJs, because we have the same culture and I feel like they translate my feelings and my thoughts in their production.

  5. Ableton or Logic?
    Ableton, it’s very easy to work with and it’s a complete program, you can find the different tools that you need. What is magical about Ableton is the awesome instruments for live performance, you should just add a special controller like the APC40 to your console.

  6. What would be your top 5 underground artists to look out for?   
    It’s not easy to choose only five names. I like so many names but I can say, Black Coffee, Da Capo, Todd Terry, Claptone, Dennis Llyod.

  7. When can we see you behind the decks?
    I have played recently in a pool party here in Marrakech, and in some private events in different cities in Morocco such as Rabat and Casablanca. Actually, I am preparing for big events in Egypt. It's the “Egypt International Festival for Franco Music and  Entertainment Tourism”. I’m invited to perform along with Sarah Ayoub, a big Franco Moroccan artist. It’s gonna be an amazing performance.

  8. Choose one track or video to showcase your music     
    I will choose my last set mix “ A trip to Morocco” with the Creative Events Promoter. It's a fusion between Moroccan folklore and traditional music with deep house sounds. I want you to discover the production of our Moroccan producers. I hope you enjoy it.                                                          

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